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You don’t backup? Be afraid…be very afraid.

In light of Halloween slowly creeping up on us, allow me to relay this short horror story:

17 year old Stacy is home alone curled up on the couch on a stormy, thunderous night. Blinding lightning flashes outside the window and suddenly…the lights go out! Scared stiff, she looks for solace and safety in her bedroom. She slowly opens the door, walks inside and sits down on the bed when suddenly…the lights flicker back on! For a brief moment Stacy feels at ease and then she realizes the terrifying reality of what is right behind her…her computer hasn’t turned back on!! She quickly tries to turn it on, but it’s no use. The hard drive is fried from the direct lightning hit on the house! That’s when shock sets in…because Stacy never backed up her thousands of photos that she took with her digital camera!! They’re gone!! FOREVER!! AAAAAAUUUUGGHHH!!!!

Ok, I admit, that was a bit dramatic. But let’s talk seriously for a sec. We’ve all had some sort of crisis where we once thought we lost, or actually did lose a whole lot of files, photos, videos, documents, etc. It’s a terrible and sometimes frightening feeling. The remedy though, is regularly backing up your files. And there are lots of ways to do it. USB flash drives and memory cards are so inexpensive these days, and the price of memory has dropped so much that even an external hard drive with hundreds of gigabytes is within reach of most peoples budgets. Get in the habit of backing up your files, and let Abe’s of Maine help you. Believe me, if you don’t…you’ll regret it! MWA HA HA HA! (sorry, got caught up again).

Do you have a “backup” story? Let’s hear it. Maybe its a horror story, maybe you have a great and efficient system to backup your files. Share it with us. (The first 100 commenters will receive a promo code for $15 off of your next purchase of $100 or more).

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LCD or Plasma?

So you’re in the market for a new flat panel TV but you’re not sure whether to go with LCD or Plasma. Before you make the plunge it would best to know the differences between the two.

Plasma TV’s historically have been able to be manufactured at larger screen sizes although LCD technology has been able to keep up and that may no longer be an issue soon enough. Plasmas are able to offer better contrast ratios and color accuracy, while LCD’s offer increased color brightness over plasma screens. A very important factor is that plasma screens do not perform as well at higher altitudes while LCD’s do not have any issues at higher altitudes (so those of you that live in Denver, for example, may want ot go with the LCD). LCD’s also run cooler than plasmas and are generally lighter than their same screen-size plasma counterparts. Plasma screens however are better at tracking fast moving objects while LCD’s may show a little lag.

Obviously technology is constantly changing and getting better and many of these differences may not apply someday soon. But for now, those are some things to keep in mind. Let Abe’s of Maine help you choose which TV is right for you. What are your experiences with using a Plasma over an LCD or vice-versa? Feel free to recommend or give each other advice.

(First 100 people to comment will receive a $15 coupon towards any purchase of $100 or more).

Cameras, Video, Televisions, GPS, Pro Audio, Musical Instruments, Large Appliances, Small Appliances, Fitness Equipment, Car Electronics

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