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Abe’s Spotlight – Photographing Street Walking with Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Zoom Lens

One Way

By Dustin Moniez

Dustin is a photographer, currently residing in Cranford, NJ. Dustin enjoys trips to New York City, the outdoors, movies, and music.

Visit Dustin’s Flickr page to see more of his photography.

About three weeks ago, I was in the West Village on Minetta Lane, right around the corner from Café Wah. Earlier that day I had decided to venture into New York City for photographs. The blue brick building and architecture of this particular street is always worth a visit and it’s always a peaceful area to walk around. I’ve photographed different angles of it before, but on this day I came up with a better one. I framed the shot, set the camera, and waited for the right person to step into the scene.

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