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5 Reasons to Buy The Canon PowerShot S95

When shopping the digital marketplace for a Point and Shoot, it’s easy to get lost in the jumble. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that looking at the many options and aspects of the numerous models available could leave one feeling overwhelmed.

What factors should somebody weigh when searching for a Point and Shoot? Quality, features, and, let’s be honest, price.

Canon PowerShot S95

The Canon PowerShot S95 offers a variety of features that will keep the experienced photographer happy and an ease-of-use suited for the amateur. While it’s a little bit more expensive than your entry level Point and Shoot, taking a quick glance at its discernable attributes will begin to illustrate the value behind its $399 price tag.

1. Image Quality

The S95’s HS (High Sensitive) System produces pictures with stunning clarity in lowlight environments and its 10.0 Megapixel CCD sensor is more sensitive than other cameras in its class.

2. Video

The Canon PowerShot S95 records video in 720p High Definition. With the use of a Mini-HDMI cable, you can watch your videos and share your pictures, up to 130, on your HD Television. The camera also records audio in stereo with its internal microphone.

3. Control Ring

Focus, ISO, Zoom, and White Balance can be conveniently controlled by turning the ring at the base of the camera’s lens.

4. Effects and Options

With 26 shooting modes, the camera is versatile and gives photographers a slew of options to expand their creativity.  The camera even allows you to bypass JPEG compression and produce an image in RAW mode, where pictures can be exported directly to a computer and digitally enhanced or edited.

Want to capture a special moment? The S95’s new HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode, which combines three separate images, produces a vibrant photograph closer to what the naked eye sees.

5. Zoom

The S95 has a 28-105mm Wide Angle 3.8x Optical Zoom lens that shoots from telephoto to wide angle, its Image Stabilizer minimizes camera shake when even when at maximum zoom.

With a clear LCD display, a light weight design (0.30 pounds), and the same slip resistant grip coating used on the EOS 7D DSLR, the Canon PowerShot S95 handles like a dream and is one of the best Point and Shoots we sell to date. Be sure to check Abe’s low price for this camera and don’t delay, it has been flying off our shelves!

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2 Responses

  1. Robert Gopen

    Hi I bought S95 from Abe’s and it was the best Camera I ever bought. I spoke with someone at Abe’s and his advise was right on the money. So thanks for all your help on this purchase and in the future.

  2. Thanks for your write-up. Another item is that just being a photographer entails not only problem in taking award-winning photographs but additionally hardships in acquiring the best digital camera suited to your needs and most especially situations in maintaining the standard of your camera. This can be very true and visible for those photography lovers that are into capturing this nature’s interesting scenes : the mountains, the forests, the particular wild or the seas. Visiting these adventurous places undoubtedly requires a video camera that can surpass the wild’s severe landscapes.

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