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    Abe’s Spotlight – Digital Enhancements and the Canon 5D Mark II Harmoniously Produce an Amazing Butte Image!

    White Pocket

    By Ken Martin

    Go here to see more of Ken’s great photography.

    I would like to thank Charlie from Overland Canyon Tours for taking me to this wondrous butte, located in Page, Arizona. Once you leave the highway, it’s on a back road that has deep and soft sand, which can be tough to navigate. I would recommend hiring a guide, but if you have a high clearance four-wheel drive you might make it on your own and then again maybe not. It’s the same road that leads to the Famous Wave.

    This is one of my favorite images I brought back with me from my trip. I loved the colors of the butte, there were yellows, whites, reds and pinks. This is a one of a kind place. It’s heaven like, just beautiful. I was blessed with a perfect day, calm winds, clouds and a great sunset. Page is a really cool area if you are looking to take some awesome images. Lake Powell is there along with the Horseshoe Bend and a number of slot canyons.

    I waited for the sun to set so I could have an even light on the butte. After some research on this area, I made plans to take my trip in early October with hopes of finding pools of water to give off reflections of the butte. It was luck that the area had just been hit with some big storms a few days before my arrival. My pools of water were there! AWESOME!!!

    I used a Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L lens. Shutter speed was 1/30, my aperture was set to f/4.5, and my ISO was 50.

    In Adobe Camera Raw, I used the gradient tool to darken the sky. In Photoshop, I used Unsharp Mask with the settings, Amount 376, Radius .5, Threshold 2. In Levels, I brought the sliders in to even out the histogram. I also use Color Contrast in NIK filter to enhance the colors. Not done yet, in onONE software I used PhotoTools- enhance landscape- enhance colors.

    I just started taking trips to National Parks to build up my portfolio of scenic images. This was my first love of photography and after years of taking portraits, I needed to touch base with that first love again and am having a blast doing it! I also visited Toroweap at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, it’s a must see!!

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