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Oh Baby! Taking Better Pictures of Your Little One

Babies can be the most precious things in life, but you have to make the moments you have with them last. Before you know it they’re grown up, asking for the car keys and telling you not to wait up. Make sure the pictures you take of them are as good as they can be so your memories will be forever lasting. Here are some ways the baby pictures you take can be more impactful.

1. Try and take baby pictures with very plain and monochromatic backgrounds. This will put the focus of the picture entirely on the subject, the baby.

2. Take very close-up pictures. Try and get the baby’s face to fill the entire viewfinder, with as little background as possible. Baby features, such as very big eyes and small noses, grow out as the baby gets older so getting some nice close-up shots of those adorable faces will be priceless as their features change.

3. Go outside. Take pictures of your baby outside in natural light. Different lighting can have different effects on the baby’s skin, sometimes giving a soft appearance, sometimes glowing and other times the effects of shadows can be brilliant. Also, not having to use a flash indoors will eliminate any chance of red-eye.

4. Snap away…a lot. Taking photos frequently will allow you to look back and really see how your baby grew up and changed during that short span of time. Try taking a picture of the baby in the same setup on the 1st of every month for the first two years. Looking at the pictures can literally be like watching your baby grow up.

There a dozens of other methods for getting great baby photos. Share them with our readers! The first 50 people to comment will receive a $15 coupon off a purchase of $100 or more*!

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47 Responses

  1. Marcelino Guerrero

    Make sure your baby is in a good mood. The best times are when their bellies are full or soon after a nap. Happy babies make great pictures!

  2. Beth

    Candid shots at different angles. Why not take multiple shots and delete the ones you don’t want? Ah the beauty of Digital Photography…. It’s hard to take a posed photo of babies then you have to plan out lighting and angles but walking around the baby and taking shots at different angles can give you a great photo that you wouldn’t see without walking around the child.

  3. Thanks for the tips … Great stuff. I have six grand kids this will be very useful.

  4. nancy m

    i want the discount…thanks for sharing.

  5. It works out best to try and take newborn photos during the first 2-6 weeks of life. They tend to be easier to pose and will sleep through most of the shoot, making for some precious napping pictures.

  6. Dave Thompson

    Always enjoy reading the photo tips.

  7. To keep a baby’s attention, rattle your car keys while taking your shot. It gets an amuzed look on their face and points them in the right direction.

  8. Michelle Lawlor

    Remember, sleeping babies are beautiful, too. Just because your little one is napping – there’s no reason not to snap away while she dreams. The angelic look on her face while she sleeps can become a lasting memory far after she’s grown.

    You can also create a studio look at home by propping her comfortably in a pillow, surrounded by bedsheets. Open your blinds/curtains and let the natural light come in (to help with the ambient light in the room), and most importantly, play! You’ll learn tons just by experimenting. Never be afraid to try something new. You never know what you’ll learn!

  9. R Strick

    Some of the best children photos I have taken were at a playground. You can get some really strong virbant colors off play ground equipment. Especially close up pictures while they are sliding or going through a tube. If you can catch them swinging they always have a bright smile…..

  10. Lynette

    Smile with another person as a backup, behind you. I take a lot of pictures of my granddaughter. We go to the park or the Zoo. I put a cute hat on her and ask her to pose a certain way. I get great pictures that way. When she was a baby we went to the park and I took pictures of her with our small dog. She had on a play necklace and a hat there too. I take a bunch of shots and maybe only one or two looks great enough to frame. Sit them on a bench in front of a lake. Their hair blows and it soon is the desktop picture on your computer.

  11. Rich

    I find that I get good baby pictures if the baby is looking in my general direction. I always ask a parent, or sibling to stand behind me and move in directions that will get the baby’s head and eyes in a direction I want. The person with the camera should focus on the camera and educate another to help with getting the baby to pose.

  12. clark allen

    the close-up rule is probably the best one… and this just applies to ALL pictures of people. i always make people get way closer than they wanted to… because pictures of tiny people just suck. i usually tell them to set up the photo they want to take, then take 2 steps closer. i hate tiny people pictures!

  13. Aasutosh

    Lure them with Toys: It always helps to distract babies with toys close to the camera to get a good focus.

  14. Rosemarie

    Take pictures after babies and children have just eaten. Children are calmer during this digestive time directly after being satiated.

  15. David Remus

    Good suggestions.

    Get down on the floor with the child and see the world from their angle. They are more curious about you, too. ALWAYS use a filter to protect the lens in case the child tosses something your way!

    David R

  16. Ellsworth

    These are great tips. I don’t have children of my own but my niece and nephew are two very photogenic kids. My nephew loves standing still to take snap shots and the other little one tries to grab and eat my lens. I like taking pictures of them while they are playing on the floor because they attention is focused on what they’re doing which can last longer than asking them to look at you and smile. Thanks for the tips Abes of Maine. Keep them coming

  17. Good suggestions.

    Get down on the floor with the child and see the world from their angle. They are more curious about you, too. ALWAYS use a filter to protect the lens in case the child tosses something your way!

    David R

  18. Michael Ann Robinson

    Try to take pictures with natural light and take those uh-oh moments. Did he or she spill something and is now playing in it? Are they having a temper tantrum? Before you scream, because you just caught them with the marker, marking the walls, grab the camera.

  19. ken henry

    Mood- But be sensitive to your baby’s mood. If you want pictures of a smiling baby then don’t start a photo session when your little world wide wailer is cranky. But do capture a range of emotions – all moods can make for beautiful pictures. And be sure to get rid of any distractions – too many people, anything that moves or makes a noise.

  20. Gia

    I agree that getting up close is a great way to take pictures of your little ones. My older son received this huge Winnie the Pooh when he was a baby. It was more than twics as big as him! I took a picture of him beside it. I have since taken more pictures of him with Pooh at various ages. He is now 12 and still has Pooh. The difference is he is twice as big as Pooh!
    Also, don’t forget to take pictures of their little hands and feet.

  21. Andi Roman

    Get down on the child’s level. Take a look at your pictures. You’re usually standing up and shooting down, then wondering why the picture looks off. Squat down, lay down, sit down– then don’t force the picture. You’ll capture the moment you want.

  22. Elizabeth

    I know Abe’s blog mentioned taking pictures “A LOT” in reference to taking pictures several days of the month, but my tip is to take A LOT of pictures during the same setting. There have been many times that I don’t get the shot of the baby (or dogs) that I want on the first two or three clicks of the camera, but shot nine or ten might be the PERFECT picture! As one of my photography teachers said “remember – film is cheap” and digital “film” is limitless!

  23. Subir

    Some good moments to take a babies photo is when they are trying hard to stand but they falls down or you are trying to take their snap and they tries to catch the camera or the moment they just wakeup after a long nap.

  24. I feel it’s a huge honour to be entrusted by God with little ones. Photos with they will be the most amazing thing in your life. But I realise I’m far from perfect, and so other than the Bible and those many life-enriching sermons I’ve received so far, I also try to gain more insights and inspirations from reading parenting books as well as insightful sites online. Tips and inputs from friends help a lot too!

  25. Monica

    I enjoy taking photos of babies in natural lighting, sepecially filtered lighting through a sheer curtain. Avoiding busy print clothing and backgrounds is also helpful.

  26. Al

    It is best to take a picture of babies when they are doing something else. Try to draw their attention to some toys, food, and then you will have a pretty good shot.

  27. Roger

    Babies or small children sometimes have certain times of the day when their biorhythms seem to be better. Good pictures are better with happy children. Choose the time of day when your subject is usually in the best mood.

  28. Use multi burst to capture a series of action shots of the baby e.g. when they are just about to stand up… or starting to walk. It can make a nice flip book and look great if developed in a sequence on a single frame.

    you can even use the shots to make a still frame video of the baby doing various activities!

  29. Use a fast lens. Something that can shoot wide open at f/1.8 or f/1.4. That way you can really blur the background and seperate it from the main focus… your baby. Also, wait until the light is soft. Shoot in early morning, late evening or on an overcast day.

  30. Erica

    Take pictures of you babies feet and hands up close. You can make some great collages with these photos framed together with a full body picture or close up of the face. You can also frame them alone for a really artistic look. I prefer them in black and white. Thanks for the tips.

  31. Ashley

    Sometimes it is fun to take pictures of babies even when they aren’t in a great mood. Snap a picture of that frowning face as it will be something you can laugh about with your child when they are old enough to look back on it.

  32. Brinnet

    I take a lot of pics of my baby with my Canon XSI. Some of the close ups are wonderful, but my problem is the flash hitting my baby’s eyes and bliding her. Also when I take the camera out the baby come towards me to touch it and that give a great close up shot. Great tips…..

  33. Melissa

    Fake professional lighting by placing your little one near a window. Let the light fall on 3/4 of his or her face to get a classic portrait look. Or, to get an innovative fun shot use a wide (not zoomed) lens (~18mm) close up to your child. Consider standing directly over the child and have them look straight up. Works great since you are bound to catch a terrific glint of natural light in the eyes.

  34. DS

    Re #1…definitely get the tiny face in BIG, too delicious.

    Just be careful about how you do it!

    Baby’s retinas are fragile…you shouldn’t flash right into them within 6 feet!
    ( I know, sounds very far, but do a search and you will see it is true.)

    Step slightly further back and zoom in from far away.
    You get your shot, baby isnt disturbed.

  35. Ross

    Great tips. Thanks. A happy baby will almost always deliver a great shot, so catch them in the morning or after a nap and make sure back drop is nice too. Use a large memory card and snap as many as you can… the more you take, the better your chances of that perfect shot.

  36. raj

    nice tips, I like close up pictures of the tiny newborn feet and palms in their parents hands, which gives a nice relative picture of the relative size.

  37. Allison

    Thank you! We have a new grandson and my daughter, who is an amateur photographer, will appreciate the tip of taking the same photo setting every month! I am anxious to get a new camera so that I can do this once they are closer and I get to see him more!

  38. Ken

    It is fun to take pictures during the bathing time of a toddler. Be careful with your lens not getting wet. Try to use a fast lens like f/1.8 or above so you can take a faster action under limited lighting in the bathroom (at least that’s the environment I need to face with).

  39. Geoffrey

    Shoot the baby in the arms of a parent, having the parent wearing a flat black longsleeve top and shooting against a dark background. The faces stand out and the clothes and background fade away.

    I’d be careful with depth of field, though. Kids move around; even babies move their heads. Wide open and close up, even at 2.8, has given me photos that lost all their crispness when actually displayed on the monitor. If you’re going to try that, be sure to use continuous autofocus and be absolutely certain what the focus point is. The camera may choose to focus on the ear instead of the eye. You’ve lost the sparkle, then …

  40. Benjamin

    Re: Tip # 4, a colleague took a photo each week for the first year and really enjoys flipping back through the photos. As a side benefit, his daughter enjoys photo sessions and smiles when she sees a camera.

  41. Nothing wrong with this, at all, people should get it more.

  42. Neal

    Great suggestions, all! Always keep the camera at hand, and take pics of the every-day activities…. bathing, feeding, playing, seeing Daddy come home. Take all the pics you can and then junk the bad ones. The more you take, the more gems you’ll end up with.

  43. chris

    any coupons left?! I’d like one please!

  44. Tim

    I really enjoy reading these posts… they seem to be very helpful (and being #44 out of the first 50 helps)

  45. Like the Ice Age movies, awesome animation.

  46. oh i wish i have baby skin again, i always envy that smooth glowing baby skin”":

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