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Today all you need is a game console, a spcialized controller and you can become a veritable rock star. Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band have literally turned millions of people into hard-rocking, headbanging, stage-diving heavy metal gods. The games surely do rock, but the surprising thing about all of this is that millions of people have suddenly become intersted in playing real instruments as well! Being a guitar hero on a game console in your living room is one thing, but rocking out on stage with the real thing has no equal.

Like playing drums on Rock Band? Why not use a premium drum kit like ION Audio’s Drum Rocker for PS3 or XBOX? It’s set up like a real drum kit and feels much more like one too! Getting your hand and foot coordination down can really help out then if you’re ready to move on to a real drum set. Guitar and Bass are no different. Even though a game controller has no strings or frets, getting good at moving your fingers quickly and independently can really help make them more agile when you’re ready to tackle the real deal. So why not give it a shot? The truth is, studies show that learning music can actually benefit the mind in many different ways. And lets not forget…nothing rocks more than a guitar hanging off your shoulders, or twirling a pair of drum sticks between your fingers. So all you gamers out there, go ahead…rock on.

Have you made the plunge from gamer to musician? Have any awesome hard-rocking stories you’d like to share? Let us know! We’d love to hear ‘em. The first 50 commenters will receive a $15 coupon good towards any purchase of $100 or more*.

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20 Responses

  1. Frank

    Rock Band 1/2 is a great game for friends. We were at a friend’s house for his babyshower and after the shower, we played on and on for hours. My significant other had to pry me away at the end of the night.

    Great game that induces team work!!

  2. Dori

    I’ve never been artistically or musically minded, but I love Guitar Hero! It’s a great way to kick back with friends and I’m hoping that someday I’ll have learned enough to pick up a real guitar!

  3. Swapan

    I’d like to take a plunge but I need to buy stuff with your coupon first! Waiting for the coupon code.

  4. Arindam Banerjee

    Yes, I had plunged to a gamer to a real guitar player. Once yuo develop the ear for understanding music, next step becomes easy.

  5. I went from rockin guitar hero to not-quite-rockin the real deal. Needless to say its a lot harder and requires a lot of practice. But, I’d have to say it is so much more gratifying than the vidoeo game, especially when you learn that first song and are able to play without any mistakes. Oh, and I don’t have to hear my wife yelling at me for playing video games!

  6. DJ

    I am thinking about getting Rock Band, i have a cousin who is a hardcore fan of Rock Band and that is how i got into it. I would love to have that 15% off coupon to make a Canon Digital camera purchase. Thank you!

  7. We actually got Guitar Hero about 2 years ago. At the time our twins were 3 1/2 and now they beat any medium game with 5 stars… maybe a fluke, but I think it’s pretty cool :)

  8. steve

    i recently picked up guitar hero world tour. It ended up being way easier on guitar than GTIII. Give reason to focus on drums. No rig yet, but it definitely can be considered a “gateway” toy to the real thing.

  9. Bob

    I guess there aren’t as many converts as you might have thought.

  10. Jack

    I remember the old school type computer games, where each keystroke would make a different sound. I soon realized that by pressing keys in a certain sequence I could play a song. I got so good at it, I purchased for myself a keyboard and learned to play real music :-)

  11. Vince

    The fuuny thing is, people who were really good in real instruments are actually having a hard time playing RB or GH. Probably the drums can influence you if you decide to move on to the real thing, but i doubt it if there will be any impact on guitars…

  12. Lars

    Rockband and Guitar Hero World Tour are both tons of fun!
    I’m so happy with those games, you should get one of them at the least

  13. Phil Basile

    I’d take the plunge if I had the discount. I kick butt in rock band and would love to try to learn for real.

  14. Rob

    I’ve played guitar for about 10 years now, and then started playing Guitar Hero and then Rock Band. I’d say it definitely helps to have played the real guitar when you play the video games. As far as going the other way, I’m not so sure. The drums seem more similar.

    My son recently started taking guitar lessons, and we notice it’s hard to get him to practice the real guitar, whereas he’ll play video games like Rock Band all day if we let him. What I’d like to see if the ability to plug a real guitar into a video game like Rock Band — the the video game might become harder, but it would be much more of a way to learn the real instrument.

  15. Ellsworth

    My girlfriend and I play Guitar Hero World Tour together and try to beat each other’s high school. She’s much better than I am but when it comes to the real instrument, I pretty much outshine her. The gaming industry has truly taken a huge step in combining music and gaming. Several years ago, it was the dancing gaming revolution with Dance Dance Revolution for consoles and even a version for iphones and ipods. I can’t wait to see what the next round of musical games await us.

  16. JD

    I’m a musician, not a gamer, but any game that can inspire a person to become a musician is awesome.

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